Commercial Solutions

Specializing in built-up roofing (tar and gravel), modified, bitumen and torched down systems.

America's Best Roofing Co., Inc. also specializes in all types of commercial roofing. As the demand for green roofing has increased, America's Best Roofing Co., Inc. has become a certified installer of Title 24 roof coatings. These coating offer lower A/C bills and extended warranties for increased value.

We believe that by performing every aspect of a re-roofing job ourselves, from tear-off to the application of the new roof system that we can properly control the outcome of a project. When a property owner or homeowner has only one contact person to deal with on a roofing project the entire process is greatly simplified.

Commitment to quality has been a foundation of the company. Today this standard is a continuing tradition provided by our professional management personnel and work force. Our Project Managers handle the quality control, while assuring that there is as little disruption to the existing building as possible.

The Project Manager who oversees every job also performs a final walk-through of the project when complete, and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

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Rock Roofing

Low pitched roofs can be installed in a few different ways. This rock roof was chosen on this project due to slight ponding conditions and very low pitch over the entire roof. California now requires a Title 24 compliant system to be installed over commercial properties with interior air conditioning and this rock roof satisfies that requirement.

Rock roofs are installed much like a built up capsheet system with an additional final layer of flood coating and graveling. This top layer seals the built up layers below and eliminates seams, therefore disallowing a slight puddle or lowspot to penetrate the roofing surface.

Grey Rock Roofing

Title 24 Roof Coating

Elastomeric coatings are very effective in solving roof leaks and can be used to restore virtually all types of roofs. Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings may be used over properly sloped roof surfaces and save money on energy bills. California requires the installation of a Title 24 compliant coating on the roof over air conditioned commercial space. This system consistently keeps the roof temperature down and the building environment cool.

Title 24 Roof Coating Roof

Capsheet Roofing

Capsheet roofing is a built-up roof system and one of the oldest and most proven low slope roof systems. The system is composed of a mechanically fastened base sheet, layered inter-plys and hot asphalt with a granulated or aggregate capsheet. This roofing system is applied over low sloped roofs and offers a traditional monolithic waterproofing seal. All seams of the system are sealed with hot applied asphalt. This commercial grade roof system may be covered with a title 24 roof coating to preserve its useful life and meet California construction codes.

Capsheet roofing

Roofing Restorations

We understand how much damage a roof leak can cause, which is why your building's valuable contents need to be protected. We specialize in roofing services for all existing roof systems. Our service technicians will investigate the cause of the problem, and we will make the repair necessary to keep your business or home fully protected.

We specialize in all types of flat roofing and steep roof repairs and our service department offers 24-hour response on urgent leaks, general repairs, and warranty services. We understand that owners of homes, commercial, and industrial buildings require changes from time to time and we can install new roof penetrations when needed.

Capsheet Roofing Americas Best Roofing